Acopet Services Rural Development Initiative is Community Based Organization (CBO) founded in 2014 and registered in the republic of Uganda on 30th/January/2019, Registered at the district of operations and URA and processing a certificate with Uganda NGO bureau standards  , The organization was formed by a group of young volunteers in Teso karamoja sub region, challenged by a rage of problems that include: high prevalence of diarrheal diseases due to lack of water and sanitation facilities, hunger and poverty, routine occurrence of natural disasters such as drought, floods and water logging caused by deforestation, poor farming practices that encouraged wetland encroachment and bush burning. The group started mobilizing community in Amuria to do charity work with aim of solving above problems. In 2019 Acopet Services Community Development Initiative (ASRDI) focused on delivering Water, hygiene and sanitation education in schools and communities, giving agricultural technical advice on agronomic best practices to rural farmers , provide improved agricultural inputs with aim of ensuring food security, promote good feeding practices ( nutrition) ,  link  rural farmers to market access with objective of achieving increased household income and educating communities on environmental sustainability through tree planting and soil conservation measures.  Acopet Services Rural Development Initiative continues to deliver projects focused on water and sanitation, poverty reduction and livelihood food security enhancement with particular focus on household income diversification through enterprise and market development interventions in the resource-poor communities across Amuria, Katakwi, Soroti and Kapelebyong and Napak districts. Acopet Services Rural Development Initiative (ASRDI) strategy focuses on promoting and sustains health in schools and communities build resilience through capacity trainings of rural farming communities and building pillars of Agribusiness, enterprise development, Climate Change, Gender and nutrition. Acopet Services Rural Development Initiative delivers this through community agents that act as a link to rural people Acopet Services Rural Development Initiative works to achieve SDG number (6) – ensure availability and sustainability of clean safe water and sanitation for everyone, SDG number (1) – ending poverty in all forms everywhere, SDG number (13) – On climate action, Uganda National Environment Authority (NEMA) and Uganda 40 year development plan and our five year development plan
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Increase access to clean safe water and sanitation facilities in schools and communities
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Uganda.Amuria P.o. Box , Amuria along Acoa Amucu road
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